I use Lightwave 3D from NewTek for all my animation.
I have been using it for over 15 years and have mostly worked
on Broadcast and Commercial TV projects.

Please consider me for any 3D work you have in the near future.
3D animation can also be used in visualization for products, simulations,
architectural design, forensics, QTVR's and internet graphics/ video.




Here are some frames from my latest demo



"After The Fall - The World Trade Center-2002"
for Discovery Channel Canada's Exploration Productions



"Mega Builders"

This show is airing on Discovery Channel Canada
and is currently seen in over 50 countries around the world.

Season 2 - 5 (2006-2010) are in true HDTV (1920x1080).

Season 1 samples

Season 2 samples

Season 3 samples

Season 4 samples

Season 5 samples




"Spielo - New Game Promotional Videos"



Here are some highlights of my work:

I have worked on all 5 seasons ('99-'04) of a Gemini nominated Discovery Channel Canada
program called Frontiers of Construction
and have built 161 scenes for 34 episodes.
This show has aired in the U.S., Canada and Europe.
It currently airs on The History Channel in Canada.

In 2002 I worked on a 1 hour special for Discovery Channel called "After The Fall"
which included 12 scenes that showed how and why the World Trade Center fell.
It also appeared on "W-Five" in a half hour format and on TLC in the U.S.
It has played on Discovery U.K. (and most of Europe) and other parts of the world.

In March 2004 I worked on 2 scenes for W-Five on a story called
"New Waterford Mystery": Click
HERE for more info.

Check out 2 more scenes I've made for W-Five. It's an Avis Favaro story
on "Deep Brain Stimulation" which aired on April 29, 2006.

I made some animation for a W5 story called "Disaster At Sea" which aired Oct 2, 2010.

I've worked on 5 seasons of Mega Builders from 2005 to 2010
and have built 213 scenes for 33 episodes.
This show airs in over 50 countries around the world.


Click Here To See The Fiddlehead Logo Animation
(Appears at the end of every "Frontiers of Construction" episode)
Get Quicktime from Apple: it's free!

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I've now added my demo to the Vimeo site

Dave Stuart 3d animation demo 2011 from Dave Stuart on Vimeo.



I've added a few models to this site